Assurance de chevaux de course

Your horse is valuable, for that reason it is primordial to insure it against all risks.

As a bloodstock agency, we will find the best solution to insure your horse, wherever it is located. The FBA always looks for the service that is most suitable to meet your needs and requirements.

Owners and breeders of horses for racing, sport, leisure or breeding, look to protect their animals against all potential risks: disease, accident, death etc.

As a partner of PEGASE ASSURANCE BY GERALDINE RICHSHOFFER, you will find below a link on their website: 

pegase assurance website

As a partner of Hipcover Gras Savoye, we propose the following services:

• Researching the type of contract most suited to your needs
• Immediate insurance cover of animal
• Expert advice if needed
• Management and renewal of your contract

Votre haras a de la valeur,
il est pour cela primordial de l’assurer
contre tous les risques.

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Vous êtes propriétaire d'un cheval,

n'oubliez-pas la responsabilité civile...

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