Transport Services

As an equine transport agency, we will find the best transport solution for your horse around the world. We always look for the service that is most suitable to meet your needs from the available options.
When your racehorse is entered in a race in Europe, Turkey, Hong Kong, the USA etc. we will organise the transport of the horse as well as your travel and stay.
Having bought your racehorse or broodmare with you, we will organise their transport from point of depart to their final destination.
Conclusion: you will receive only one invoice which will include the transport expenses as well as any additional costs (quarantine, analysis, veterinary inspections, horsebox, flights, travelling lads... etc.).

We propose the following services:

• The search for a transport agency
• Choosing the best service
• Comparing costs
• Logistical aid
• Managing sanitary and quarantine requirements
• Grouping together costs into just one invoice

Our partners in transport are the following : 

ATC Transport

link to their website

STH Hipavia

link to their website

STC Horse France

link to their website

Equitrans Logistics

link to their website



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